WCW Uncensored 1998 Review

WCW Uncensored 1998 Review
Date: March 15, 1998
Attendance: 7,474
Location: Mobile Civic Center

Well, we are at a point where there is friction in the nWo like never before. Wrestlers and other famous types are joining it left right and centre and WCW are still marginally in front in the Monday Night War.

Hogan vs Savage for ultimate control of the nWo and Macho Man has been spreading interesting stuff (nWo members who want out) so we could see a turn here of some magnitude. The turnaround hasn’t been long at all from Superbrawl so the card has looks to have been flooded with people who can actually wrestle. Go figure? I have high hopes for this one but like always, the main events are always the problem.

Your commentators are the usual folk in Tony, Brain and The Professor.

TV Title: Eddie Guerrero w/ Chavo Guerrero vs Booker T (c)

Well Eddie has been pounding on Chavo for quite some time prior to this and won a match up on Nitro against his nephew with the penalty being he must accompany Eddie to the ring. He’ll have no influence on the result of this match I'm hoping.

Nick Patrick is officiating as Booker T starts off with a back body drop and a side slam. Lots of stalling tactics from Eddie on the outside as ‘Eddie Sucks’ chants go up around the building. A slam by Booker T has him going up to the top very early for the Harlem Hangover but cops a missile dropkick for his troubles. Superplex and POW, things are now on level terms. Eddie begins working on the knee as he ducks the Harlem Sidekick and is able to floor Booker with a kick to the leg.

Booker T after some punishment has a second win and fires back with the Harlem Sidekick. A huge side walk slam on Eddie (quite a bit of whip lash on that one) and he heads up top again, only for Guerrero to ducks the flying attempt. Goes for another sidekick but hangs his leg up on the ropes and Eddie is back in this. Only for a short time though as things go up top, Booker bumps Eddie off and lands the missile dropkick to retain the belt.

Camera cuts to Chavo ringside and he shows a smirk. Eddie catches a glimpse of it and begins to attack Chavo from behind. A powerslam on the floor and Eddie walks off in disgust.

Rating: **¾ - Not bad stuff from these two but the bad sign was the crowd which was very cold for an opening match up. This should have been a lot better than what it was as these two can really go in the ring. The whole ‘work on the leg’ thing took away from what should have been a fast paced match but credit to WCW where its due as they found a way to open up a Chavo and Eddie feud without having Chavo get involved.

Konnan vs Juventud Guerrera

If you have been reading most of my reviews, then you’ll know there are certain self proclaimed wrestlers that I just can’t watch given any circumstances. Konnan fits right into this category alongside the likes of Mongo and Luger. I guess we’ll find out how far Juventud can drag this one.

O LA LE from the bald headed fuck as head scissor take over sends Konnan to the outside. Juvi falls straight into the trap though and is dragged to the floor as the steel steps presence is too be felt. Konnan positions the steel and a mini Air Juvi comeback manoeuvre has Juventud back on top. A springboard missile dropkick picks up probably the first near fall of the night. An Indian deathlock followed by a massive German suplex has Konnan back in control. “He suplexed him to Germany”. Good stuff Brain. Some crazy submission techniques being applied by Konnan, a ‘rocking horse’ submission has me absolutely astounded before dropping Juvi on his head. Is the same boring arse Konnan I’m familiar with?

Konnan prepares for a German off the top but Juvi somehow manages to stay on his feet and fires straight back with a drop kick into Konnan’s face. Top stuff. A release throw away by Konnan has the crowd warming to this contest. Goes for the gutwrench powerbomb but its reversed into a bulldog. Headsup top for the 450 splash but lands on his feet and walks straight into the cradle DDT. Juvi manages to kick out and with a very quick roll up, gets the 1-2-3. Konnan smacks on another cradle DDT and throws Juvi out the ring.

Rating: ***½ - Well where the fuck did that come from? Maybe it is because I was expecting very little but this had just an awesome feel to it. No one likes Konnan, in or out of the ring and the fans really responded to cheering on Juvi. In Mexico this would have been a total mis-match but credit where credit is due. Solid stuff.

JJ Dillon is out to talk some more shit. Can we keep this guy behind doors for the love of god? The Giant has asked for the powerbomb to be made legal for tonights match up against Kevin Nash. Request granted and we can now move on.

Cruiserweight Title: Dean Malenko vs Chris Jericho

Jericho is looking like the wolverine in what should be a good one. Lots of quick back and forth holds from both competitors as the action begins to build. Some incredible agility on show by Malenko before he walks straight into an enziguri kick and Jericho has had enough. Walks his way to the entrance ramp only to make his way back shortly after.

A high vertical suplex follow by a snap suplex and lionsault gets a very close two. Begins stretching out the back of Malenko across the knee before Malenko fights back with some quick fists and back body drop but that gets him only a two! Again a burst of some quick back and forth action in a somewhat slow match up as its ended with an inverted suplex by Jericho.

Malenko is then put on the top rope and Jericho goes for a top rope back body drop but its reversed into a press and pin for a very close two count. Jericho goes for the lion tamer but some crafty work from Dean allows him to reach the ropes. Things begin to build as Jericho goes for a frankensteiner of the top but its revered into a mid rope gut buster. Holy shit, that had to have hurt. Incredible. Irish whip and the Ice Man goes for a flying kick, misses and Jericho puts on the Liontamer. Malenko gets inches from the ropes only to be dragged back into the middle of the ring and he taps out to retain Cruiserweight gold.

Mene Gene makes his way down the ramp and walks straight past Jericho as he has his sights set on interviewing Malenko who is showing some rare emotion after the loss. Mene Gene states he has known his father and the traditions of the Malenko family. Lost in last four PPV events and where does he head from here? “Home”. Seemingly, the Ice Man has quit.

Rating:  **** - Loved the way this match ebbed and flowed and you truly thought Malenko would eventually get the win. It’s not often a title reign lasts this long in the Cruiserweight division so WCW were obviously digging the Jericho we’re seeing. The back and forth action was magnificent and looking back now, Malenko was so under used. Its looks like we won’t be seeing Malenko for a little bit due to the post match stuff with Mene Gene. He will be missed thats for sure.

Scott Steiner vs Lex Luger

So we have Lex fighting Rick’s battles in what is another irrelevant feud that will take us, the viewer, to new levels of boredom. I’ll pick it now, will go five minutes too long and have a total of six moves, all preformed by the Big Bad Booty Daddy. I guess a small positive is Scott’s neck which is now finally taking the semblance of a neck.

Scott begins things with a belly to belly suplex before things quickly go to the outside with Luger cracking a double axe handle over the head. That new neck is going to be tested.  Back in the ring and the typical luger lariats have Steiner reeling. A powerslam and Luger signals for the Torture Rack which has the crowd on their feet. YEAH YOU GO LUGER! A shocking looking version of a low blow before he applies the Steiner Recliner as Lugers legs are under the ropes. Nick Patrick refuses to take notice. Oh not again! Breaks the hold and heads for a steel chair. Rick Steiner makes his way down the ramp which allows Luger to hit a forearm to the back of the head for the 1-2-3. WTF!

To make matters worse, straight after the three count, Steiner is on his feet and back to attacking Luger How the fuck does that work? He should either be knocked out or still reeling from those ballistic forearm shots. Give me a break. The brothers are then facing each other in the ring only for Scotty to be back body dropped to the floor.

Rating: * - Like seriously, a forearm to the back of the head? A forearm? Gets a three count? Credit to Luger though as he takes himself to all new levels every PPV, all new levels of fucking shit. Well at least he is consistent I guess.

Falls Count Anywhere - U.S Title: Christ Benoit vs DDP (c) vs Raven

This will be good. That’s the sort of belief Chris Benoit has led me to.

DDP showing that he isn’t a racist by wearing a black waist band. We start with a three way lock up which then takes all three men to the floor. DDP is slammed into the step as Benoit quickly chases the win back in the ring with quick falls on Raven. Quick action to begin with as a baseball slide is connected on Raven before DDP springboards to the outside to take out both men. DDP pancake on Raven as the pinfall is broken by Chris Benoit.  Benoit lands a flying headbutt that resembled a splash but again the pin broken up by DDP which is then followed by some quick pinfalls on the floor. Irish whips into the railing are the flavours of the day as Raven finds a bin somewhere on the floor and is pounced on by Benoit. Places the bin on Raven’s head and in partnership with DDP, pounds the bin in with crutches. Excellent.

Benoit snap suplex on the ramp after a bin shot to the back of DDP and Benoit and Raven team up to throw DDP through the Uncensored sign. HA HA! This is absolute carnage as a sink is now involved. Raven crunches Benoit with a table as Raven is then irish whipped into the vertically positioned table
Raven and Benoit make their ways back to the ring and a drop toe hold onto the chair by Benoit has him firmly on top. DDP begins the long crawl back to the ring in the meantime. A sleeper hold by Benoit which then has DDP applying a sleeper on Benoit. A jaw breaker by Raven has a chain effect and all the men are down. Once up, a three way German Suplex. Holy shit was amazing. Loti hands Raven a cardboard sign which he uses on DDP. It is then revealed to be a STOP sign. Double HA HA! A Table is now in the ring and as Raven is putting DDP on the table, turns around into a STOP sign hit by Benoit. Benoit is pushed to the outside as DDP recovers and a diamond cutter off the top through the table gets the 1-2-3. Awesome stuff.

Rating: ****½ – This match was physical, brutal and led a pattern that no one was favourite to win. Raven applied the hardcore fresh, Benoit the physical stuff and DDP his hero like shanadigans. Thoroughly enjoyable and the crowd was hot for it throughout.

Giant vs Kevin Nash

So I wonder what tactic Kevin Nash will use this time to get out of putting the Giant over. You’ve avoided it for the last four months so you’re doing your own personal job quite well.

Nash questions how Giant is doing with his neck. Quite a caring and sensitive man he is. These two big men finally lock up and Giant floors him quickly with a clothesline which is then followed by an elbow drop. Giant picks up Nash and tries to plant him head first into the ring post but slides down the back and pushes Giant’s injured neck into the post. Follows it up in the ring by resting his head over the 2nd rope and thrusts all his power into him. Nash removes the brace and tries to follow up with another spring like hit but is smacked in the crotch. A powerslam and tells the crowd the chokeslam is coming. Instead sets up for the powerbomb and Brian Adams storms the ring with a bat for the DQ win. What a fucking load of shit. The bat shots have zero effect as Giant ups his tune and plants a couple of chokeslams before the nWo scatter.

Rating: * - Well, Nash has dug deep to find another way out of putting the Giant over and whats worse, this feud could  be all over as a Brian Adams and Giant feud looks to be the go. What a fucking farce. This is the type of backstage shit and politics that had talent VERY pissed off backstage and had the Giant running after a 10 year contract in the WWE not so long after. Who can blame him, seriously?

Curt Henning vs Bret Hart

Curt Henning attempts to steal a Canadian sign from a spectator outside but it takes him two attempts. Meanwhile, Bret hands his sunglasses to a young fan at ringside but is shafted for a handshake. Good start for the two.

Anyways this match will be dragged out far too long for what should be a very slow contest. Lots of headlocks and submission manoeuvres early on before Bret is able to apply the sharpshooter but Rick Rude has none of it on the outside and breaks the hold. Henning begins working on the leg for a substantial amount of time before Hart bounces back with a side Russian leg sweep and a bulldog for a couple of close counts. Henning is up and is able to apply the Henning-plex but Hart incredibly kicks out. A couple of quick roll ups and close falls before Bret gets the Sharpshooter on in the middle of the ring for the submission victory. Rude storms the ring and attacks Bret from behind, smacking the Rude Awakening before a chair shot to leave Hart grounded.

Rating: **½ – Far too long and too slow for this to have any impact on the crowd. Needed to go 2-5 minutes shorter to allow a proper flow. Work on the head, work on the leg, climatic finish and thats all this one was when it should have been alot more.

World Heavyweight Title: Scott Hall w/ Dusty Rhodes vs Sting

Well this is Hall’s reward for the WW3 win back in 1997. Lots of sheepish behaviour to start this one off by Hall as Sting is forced to wait. Hall manages to work his way on top and a chokeslam and Giant mocking are followed. An irish whip and Dusty on the outside trips Sting over, gathering his attention. Scott capitalizes on this with a spinning discus clothesline. Fall away slam and it is going along the lines of your typical Scott Hall match-up.

A collision concludes with Sting then falling straight into the lap of Hall. OUCH! Dusty enters the ring is a squeaky clean sort of way and the Dusty Atomic elbow gathers a very close two count.  Both men back up and some stinger splashes have him on top before going for the Deathlock. Dusty gets up on the apron and wears one for his troubles. A Mark Curtis ref bump which has his head right in front of the camera and hilariously shows himself rolling his eyes back in his head. What a gem of a ref. A foreign object is given to Hall that allows him to flatten Sting for again a very close two count. Sets up for the outsiders edge but Sting slides down the back and smashes the Deathdrop for the 1-2-3.

Rating: **½ – Sting was never in doubt of retaining his title and I had doubts over Hall in singles competition. Wasn’t bad but there were just far too man involved at any one time for it to gather any real chemistry. I also fail to see what the point was in Hall winning the WW3 event if he wasn’t going to get hold of the World Title.

Cage Match: Hollywood Hogan vs Randy Savage w/ the ever beauty, Miss Elizabeth.

So this is for control of the nWo so I guess the stakes are quite low. Who would wanna take control of that ratings crusher?

Hogan and Savage begin fighting in the dark and ‘Hogan sucks’ chants go around the arena. Hogan is all over him early as the cowardly heel tactics begin to take control of the match up. Back scratch and a couple of tame punches is the occurring theme for a lengthy period of time. The weightlifters belt is out as the whipping begins. HOOO-RAHH! No one is feeling anything for this and no one is really caring. Savage begins the whipping on Hogan this time and the crowd makes a wimper of noise. Hogan shows off his certificate in blademanship as blood is now streaming down his face. A back body drop and a face sandwich into the cage now has Macho joining the bloods club.

Things head outside the cage now. What’s the point of having the god damn cage if they can just stroll out if it? I have no idea. Back in and Macho climbs all the way up to the top of the cage and a double axe handle from 15ft in the air was pretty cool. Is only able to get two though!

Savage heads back up to the top of the cage preparing for the flying elbow but the Disciple makes his way down, knocks out the ref and makes his way into the cage. So now it’s 2 on 1 before Sting come from the rafters and enters into the cage. We gets about 12 minutes of stalling before Savage flattens the crap out of Sting and piledrivers him into next week. Savage spits on Hogan and walks out the cage to wrap up the show. WELL WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK IS THAT FUCKING SHIT?!?!!? FUCK! PEOPLE ARE PAYING MONEY FOR THIS? OH MY FUCKING GOD!

Rating: Why the fuck would I even attempt to rate this? I'm not, the main event scene at that point was an absolute shambles and nothing they seemed to do made sense. Who won this? What was the point in this even happening? What did this accomplish? The result is an unknown and you know, the match duration could be pushing on 12 years as IT NEVER ENDED! It is like making a film from scratch and leaving the people in the theatre to work out their own ending. 

Schiavone asks “Was this a set up all along?” If it is, then I'm lost for words. So you have a match, beat each other to a pulp and then are expecting Sting to arrive out of nowhere just in case he feels like helping Savage? So you’re basing a supposed plan on a ‘what if?’. Yeah ok WCW. What a joke!

PPV Rating: *¾
MOTN was easily the three way for the US Title and those three should have been somewhere close to participating for the World Title at that time. Instead, they have to take a back seat to the scams WCW were dishing out at that point in time. Thats how I look at it, as a scam. They were falsely leading the loyalest of fans into paying for unfinished business. Most of the matches on this card definitely could and should have been alot better than they were. nWo is still controlling major main events and the ratings loss was near. Despite all this, I point my thumbs for this very slightly in the downward direction. 

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