About Me

About John Perichon:

I am a huge wrestling fan that compiles reviews in many mainstream promotions like WCW, WWF/E, TNA and many other Lucha and Puro organizations. I am not a payed employee on any site and these reviews are written out of pure entertainment.

I aim to get many reviews out as quickly as possible and I always try to read up on what happened on the weekly shows as I just don't have the time to watch them all. Try to leave a comment if you don't agree with anything I have written and I'll be sure to reply back to you.

P.S. Anywhere you see the Cornette head " Photobucket ", it indicates a negative match rating. Why you ask? I'm plugging some of the funniest videos on youtube, Botchamania, where the creator invented the Cornette "fuck this company" still. He was the inspiration. Enjoy.